Clinical Coding

Crack the Code to Thriving in Clinical Coding

Clinical coding or health information management presents exciting and dynamic career opportunities. Health practices are now putting more emphasis on getting the best clinical coders for their facility. The industry is seeing a rise in demand for health information professionals over the recent years. Clinical coding is often compared to the work of a detective as it involves analysing and converting patient’s information into standardised codes. If you possess great precision, are detail-oriented and excellent in problem solving, you’ll see great success in clinical coding!

Clinical coders work behind-the-scenes providing critical support in ensuring the delivery of high quality patient care. There are opportunities across various areas in the healthcare industry including public health, community health centres, private hospitals, government bodies, health screening centres, and even organisations who undertake health research and clinical trials. Whether you want a career shift or looking for more flexibility due to personal circumstances, there are many options available for you.

Job titles in this field vary. For instance, some vacancies will list “medical records officer,” and another would list “clinical coder,” but the duties and responsibilities could be the same. Your dedicated recruitment consultant will work with you to find the best opportunity that matches your skills, experience and career goals.

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