It was only seventy years ago that we started winning the fight against infections. Antibiotics have played a pivotal role in human health and the control of infectious disease but this has come at a cost. Many organisms are becoming increasingly resistant to standard antimicrobial treatments. Left unchecked, antimicrobial resistance is predicted to have significant social, health, security and economic repercussions that will seriously undermine global development.

The situation is so serious that in 2016, it forced the United Nations to assemble global leaders to address the issue. Do we have your attention?

Even though a coordinated international effort is underway, It really is a case of think globally, act locally. So what can the aged care sector do to help? Quite a lot, actually.

The single most important weapon in infection control is hand washing. It’s not sexy and we’ve heard it a million times but hey, it works. It’s imperative for staff to understand what they’re doing and why. They’re the biggest risk to your residents when it comes to cross infection.

The correct use of gloves also needs to be highlighted. It’s important that staff are educated on the dangers of moving from room to room without changing their gloves. The message needs to be constantly front of mind… wash your hands!  Make sure all your staff have easy access to wash stations that are clean and well stocked. And don’t forget to make sure the pedal bin lids are working properly!

Regular infection control audits and frequent comprehensive staff training can all make a big difference to your residents’ health, and quite possibly, the health of generations to come. Infection control is everyone’s responsibility.

All AHP clinicians have comprehensive infection control training. We can also provide a range of simple solutions and staff education packages to help improve your infection control systems.