It’s a simple, well-known fact that exercising is good for you. Whether you’re 15 or 65, getting out and staying active can provide the body with a real kick when it comes to maintaining muscle, strengthening bone and remaining healthy. Strength and fitness isn’t the only benefit to regular exercise – regular physical activity can make a huge difference to the overall happiness that we feel in our day to day lives.

Of course, working out frequently and appropriately is easier said than done, especially for older Australians. As we age, it’s normal to lose muscle mass and experience mobility issues, but these are certainly not reasons to let exercise slide, and it’s the responsibility of an RACF to provide an environment where residents can get moving.

Seniors can hugely benefit form exercise classes. Seniors can hugely benefit form exercise classes.

Motivating residents to stay active

While there are plenty of seniors who remain extremely active well into their 70s and 80s, others may require a helping hand. There are a number of reasons while some residents may be less likely to head out for a stroll of their own accord, ranging from decreased mobility to a lack of confidence. Instead, they’ll need a safe, secure space with expert professionals who can provide them with the guidance to get their bodies moving and blood flowing.

One of the best ways to facilitate this is through exercise classes, which can be designed by Australian Health Professionals’ physiotherapists to cater to a wide range of different ability levels, so that no residents will be left out.

Specific focuses of the classes designed by our experts are mobility, strength and balance.

Why exercise classes?

Of all the different ways that seniors can stay fit, group exercise classes are by far and away one of the most beneficial. Most of this comes down to the way that the sessions are designed, which not only gets residents moving, but actively aims to motivate and challenge them to push their boundaries. In many cases, this can actually increase physical capabilities, and return a degree of mobility that may have been previously reduced.

Specific focuses of the classes designed by the Australian Health Professionals experts are mobility, strength and balance, all three of which are incredibly important when it comes to the prevention of falls. These are some of the most common causes of injury amongst the elderly, and in tandem with a good prevention program, their frequency and severity can be reduced. Another huge benefit is the social side of group classes, which provide an opportunity for residents to interact, support and engage with one another.

Every RACF should be able to supply its residents with a selection of exercise classes and programs, so for more information, get in touch with Australian Health Professionals today.